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Dearest Human,

Yoga Nova Studio is dedicated to empowering your personal expansion. This space was created for you to land, get lighter and a whole lot brighter. Come in for a vigorous and cleansing sweaty yoga class or for a soft and gentle stretch. Either way you will leave feeling more unified, peaceful and on your way to your greatest potential. We have heavenly sound healings, expert workshops with some highly conscious stars from our very own galaxy (YYC) and of course meditations for you to discover the stillness of pure space.


Yours Truly,


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What is Yoga Nova Studio all about?

We dreamed of a space to practice yoga where everyone is welcome, supported, included, and empowered to be their authentic and greatest selves. We wanted it to feel like a second home and for people to feel free to connect to one another. 

Ultimately, our dream is to empower your personal expansion. For us that means providing healing sound baths and vigorous, sweaty power yoga and everything in between.

You always have a choice and just as seasons change so do your personal expansion needs. We hope to meet you exactly where you are, which is exactly where you should be and offer something that elevates your vibration and expands your being. 

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