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Frequently Asked Questions

You are made of stardust :)

Do I need to sign up for online before class? 
We recommend that you do sign up online before class. That said, we always keep a few spaces for those who want to drop in without signing up online. If you are dropping in, it's best to arrive at least 10 minutes before class to avoid any risk of missing out. 


I've never been to the studio before..
Aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before class so you have plenty of time to fill out the waiver, handle payment and get settled into the space fully ready for an amazing first class with us! 
You are able to fill out the waiver and handle payment online on Momence before class to save time.


Where can I park my car? 

There are off-street parking spaces immediately in front of the entrance to the studio and around the back of the building. There is also plenty of on-street parking available. 


I've never taken a yoga class before! Where should I start? 
If you would like to take it a little slower go to a yin class or a slow flow. If you want to sweat take a power class and just be ready to move fast. Vinyasa is a style of flowing yoga with a medium pace. All of our classes are accessible for beginners, nothing is too advanced to get started on!

I'm not flexible enough to do yoga.. and my balance is terrible!
Can't touch your toes? Don't worry about it! Just like strength, balance and flexibility are both things that improve with practice and repetition. Come as you are, not as you think you should be and everything will work out just great. Every body comes to the mat at a different level and every pose can be modified, adapted or adjusted to meet you where you're at. 


What do I need to bring? 
Feel free to bring your own mat and mat towel. We do have some mats for use if you don't have one yet. Blocks and straps are provided inside the studio (and bolsters for yin and restorative classes). 


What should I wear to a power yoga class?
We suggest you wear moisture-wicking attire that fits close to the body and is easy to move in. It's best to avoid loose or oversized clothing in classes where you will sweat as it can become uncomfortable and hinder your practice. 


Do you have showers?
Yes! And complimentary shower towels are provided in the changing rooms where the showers are located.


Do you have lockers? 
Yes. But you will have to bring your own lock!


Should I eat before I come to class?
Practicing on an empty stomach is generally recommended for any yoga class, but so is eating properly and taking care of yourself. You know your body best. For the more active classes, we suggest eating nothing more than a snack 1-2 hours before class. For more passive classes, you could comfortably eat more without it affecting your practice. 

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