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Our Classes

All our classes are designed to produce a brand new experience of yoga for you every time you step on your mat.


Power Yoga

(Hot Heat)

Intricately designed to build an energetic fire within your body, our Power Yoga classes are perfect for individuals that are committed to growth, vitality and freedom. This class will make you sweat as well as open up and rejuvenate your body. 

After committing to this practice, you will notice many changes in your body, your overall practice and your life.

All of our Power classes are taught in the style of Journey Into Power as created by Baron Baptiste.



(Hot Heat)

In this heated flow-style class, you will lose yourself in movement and breath as you follow creative sequencing designed to get your blood pumping and bring you into a flow state of movement. Each teacher, class and sequence will be unique so you can focus your attention on each movement and leave class feeling energized and free. 


Slow Flow


If you feel like you have been rushing through life, this class is for you. Take time to move between poses through creative sequences designed to open and nourish the body. As you take your time flowing through the motions, you will get back in touch with the present moment and with yourself.


These classes are warm enough to keep you cozy but not hot enough to make you sweat. 

Hips & Hamstrings


Just like it sounds! Stretch those hard to reach areas and open your body in a really intentional way.

As you move through these creative, unique and dynamic sequences - you’ll begin to stretch out these areas and become more free and fluid in your everyday life and in all the activities you love to do.

This is a great class for people who have active lives and find it hard to make time to stretch.




Wind down with a slow and deep practice to release fascia, reduce muscle tension and reconnect with your breath and nervous system. The long, passive holds make for big openings and greatly improved mobility and health of your joints - perfect for healing the body’s connective tissues. You will enjoy new space in your hips, pelvis and spine.

This class is an excellent balance to active practices such as our power yoga classes or other athletic activities. This class is also meditative in nature and will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and clear.

Sound Healing

Spend time in the total bliss of high vibrations. You will experience the power of sound vibrations in your body played by expert hands.


These classes are healing and uplifting. You must experience it to truly understand the power sound and vibration can have.


Get comfortable - you’re welcome to bring your own props such as blankets, pillows or bolsters.

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