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Full Moon Alchemy 

Sound Immersion

Join us for an adventure in sound and consciousness with international alchemy quartz crystal singing bowl player and teacher, Colin Hillstrom. 
Colin's recording "Crystal Sound Journeys" is being used in sacred ceremonies around the world. 

March 9th @4pm

Investment: $45

March 23rd @4pm

Investment: $45

April 20th $4pm

Investment: $45


Rolling and Mobility

Join Jess Ecclestone registered RMT and yoga instructor for a 90 min rolling and mobility workshops that will work your body from head to toe. Using a strap a lacross ball and a yoga block Jess will guide your through a mobility session that is a little on the spicy side to decreasing pain, improving range of motion, and relieving tension and stress.

Sunday March 31st - 1:45pm- 3:15 pm

Investment: $35

Sunday May 12th 1:45pm-3:15pm

Investment: $35


Sound Healing with Saleste

The vibrations from Saleste’s sound collection penetrate the subtle body to release blockages that we may be holding onto allowing the frequencies to activate dormant energies in the body. This will be a deep healing session for the mind, body and soul. Sound is one of the most ancient forms of healing that human beings have used and explored over the millenniums. Across all cultures there is reference to the power of sound to transform, transmute and heal.
* Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, water bottle and anything else to create a comfortable space for yourself.
With over twenty five years in the holistic health industry, Saleste's expertise includes the study of consciousness, the mind/body connection, plant medicine and the power of sound as a healing agent. She has gained many titles over the last two decades, including a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Science, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive and Master Herbalist and has worked with thousands of clients.

"Sound and vibration has the power to heal our
wounds, ignite our spirit, and re-unite us with
the divine harmonies and rhythms of the
Universe.” ~ DONNA CAREY

Friday, March 15th at 730-9pm

Investment: $65


Shamanic Drumming with Ali

Join us for an  enlightning experience with a Shamanic Practitioner using  a hand held drum and learn how to "Journey"

Treat your body and your soul to a perfect session for anyone looking to relax your mind, connect with Spirits, Guides or Power Animals, release tension  or just experience something new.  Decompress with each rhythmic drumbeat  and enjoy some sacred time to yourself.

This mini workshop will introduce you to the beliefs passed on from ancient Nordic shamans and teach you the basics for journeying for your soul's healing.
As you are guided by  Alli and her decades of training, you will be shown how to raise your subconscious vibration to allow for healing messages and information to be relayed to oneself.

This experience is unique, intimate, and informational to each participant.  You will be asked to set your intention for your session including the intention to appreciate your own beingness.

Please bring a mat or foamy, blanket and  a pillow as all of this class requires laying down.

You do not need a drum.

You may want to bring a journal and a pen for keeping notes on your information, impressions feelings, or messages you experience after travelling to other realms of consciousness.  

This session includes smudging blends and loud, monotonous drumming along with rattles, whistles and chimes.

Friday March 22nd, 730-930pm
Investment: $60

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