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Sound Healing Workshops

Join us for a soul-filling 60 or 90 minutes of crystalline healing sounds, and experience a profound reset of your body, life, and mind. Sound healer, teacher, author, and recording artist Colin Hillstrom will be curating cosmic sound waves with his high vibrational set of quartz crystal alchemy singing bowls and guide us into higher levels of awareness and intentions by relating crystalline sound healing to such topics as Human Design/Gene Keys, A Course In Miracles, and yoga psychology.


January 13, 27

Feb 3, 10, 18, 24


$35 1 hour

$45 90 miuntes

Kids Soundbath

Ages 4-12 welcome
About this Event

Cost per child: $18

Duration: 1 hour


Interactive Kids Soundbath

Join Jennifer Westwood on a journey of somatic exploration as we connect with the sounds and vibrations of the alchemy crystal bowls! Movement, sound medicine, and meditation to nourish your little one’s body, mind, and soul. Now more than ever it is of such importance to provide a safe space of support, love, and unity among the children and youth. A relaxing and revitalizing environment to discover the healing modalities of sound!

January 29 and February 19th 


Investment: $18

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Intro to Human Design

Intro to Human Design Workshop

Human Design is the science of your aura / energetic body. It’s a scientific and spiritual system that blends elements of astrology, the chakra system, the Kabbalah, the I Ching and physics to calculate your precise Birth Chart, which is an incredible tool for personal empowerment.

In this workshop, you’ll gain a clear understanding of your unique energy type and intuition, and you’ll learn practical strategies to help you find your flow and create aligned opportunities, while letting go of learned behavior that doesn’t work for you.

*This workshop will be interactive please download / print your free Human Design chart at and bring a pen, notebook, and any props you need to sit comfortably.

Date: Friday Jan 20th, 730-9pm

Investment: $25

The Anger Container

The Anger Container

A sacred anger container for the divine feminine to be fully seen, heard, and expressed. For all of the times we have supressed our emotions, our voice, our truth, we come together and hold space for our inner flame to fully ignite. Join Jennifer for this women’s gathering to fully express your anger, rage, wounds, or sadness in a safe and cleansing way. We will collectively and individually move through the sensations of our anger, transmuting the destructive elements into creative power. Tune into the somatic, expand your window of tolerance, and allow your body to guide you safely back into your deepest feminine essence.

Date: Jan 28, 6-8pm

Investment: $33

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The original MediPaint session is a unique guided meditation experience, incorporating painting and music, to encourage mindfulness and help you achieve inner equilibrium.

In this space, "mindfulness" is about being present and feeling connection between your heart, your mind and your spirit. We allow our inner child to express, and we call our higher selves to acknowledge.

Using movement and sound to help facilitate the process of meditation, MediPaint is a practice of mindfulness and creation through intuitive flow. No experience or artistic ability is necessary whatsoever. As you flow through the process, negative and stressful energy can flow out, while positive, relaxing and healing energy can be brought inward.

All you need to bring is yourself and a mug for water/tea =)"

For our Valentines edition, we tune in to our heart-center. Bringing awareness to what we truly desire in life, we re-align with our values and take responsibility of ourselves and our emotions. The intention with this session is to feel, to clear and reset to empower ourselves to make choices that honor our needs, values, and beliefs.

There may be moments throughout the session where you feel inclined to write, as there will be reflective prompts. Please feel free to bring a journal and your favourite pen/pencil if you have one (paper/pen will be provided otherwise), or, you may simply write on the back of your canvas.

Date: Sunday, Jan 22 and Feb 12, 130-330pm

Investment: $45

Sound and Breath Work

Rejoice and relax as you immerse yourself into a high vibrational acoustic energy field with and breathe more love, clarity, and power into your body, life, and mind.

Facilitated by Siobhan O’Sullivan (breath-work) and Colin Hillstrom (sound healing)

Feb 11

530-730 pm


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