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My name is Natalie St Hilaire and I am the owner and founder of Yoga Nova Studio.


I welcome you to the space and invite you to relax, let go of any pressure and to feel completely at home. One of my goals with the studio was to create a place where people could feel the relief of being themselves completely. I think that's exactly what we have at Yoga Nova Studio and it's here for you. 

We have even developed a signature course to help you expand yoga off the mat and into your life:

The Lighthouse Course

On the shores of your existence is a light. When you come into contact with this light you see your true path forward, no matter the darkness. Of course, this existence we speak of is within you and so is this light. 


In this course you will discover your path, your unique position and way forward. In order to find this path, you must be willing to clear away what isn’t it, you must be willing to look for the light in the darkness.

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My Story

I had just finished university when my journey really began. There I was with a great job, loving family and so many possibilities in front of me. Yet something was wrong, I had a lot of anxiety and I didn’t know why I felt that way or what to do about it. 

I started exploring opportunities for healing which led me to yoga which ultimately changed my life. I just wasn’t satisfied though with knowing that yoga worked for me. I wanted to understand how yoga works and I also wanted to help people who had yet to connect to yoga practice. So I went on to study transformational leadership to gain an understanding of how to create new perspectives and shift world views.  

My absolute favourite thing to do is open a door in someone’s mind, to unblock something or reposition it so that you can have what it is you most want in your life. If you are experiencing frustration, stuckness and you just want to know more please email me at to schedule a time to connect.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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