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Transition FAQs

We are excited to welcome the Yoga Nova community to HotShop. Here are some basic FAQs to help in the transition.

Additional questions? Please contact us and a team member will get back to you ASAP (typically, within 1 business day).

Will my existing pre-paid passes and/or membership be honoured?

YES! all existing memberships and pre-purchased passes will be honoured by HotShop. You will also be able to use these passes at any HotShop and for any class type.

To transition your existing passes, please click this link and fill out the short form. A HotShop team member will contact you as soon as your passes are transitioned to HotShop. In the meantime, you can continue to book classes at the Marda Loop location using the Yoga Nova website while we transition your previous passes.


How do I sign up for classes now?

Unfortunately, HotShop's bookings and memberships are managed through a different platform than YN. Although we know that YN recently moved to Momence, we will have to transition you to HotShop's platform to allow you to use your passes at all 6 HotShop studios.

To get started:

1. click this link and download the HotShop mobile app for either Apple iOS or Android.

2. After you open the app, tap "Log in" and then tap "reset it now".

3. Enter the same email address you used for your previous YN account. You will receive an email to reset your password.
4. Follow the instructions in the email and then you will be all set to login to the HotShop app! These same login details will also work on our website

If you had existing passes with YN that you would like transferred to your HotShop account, follow the instructions in #1 above!


Will my previous Yoga Nova unlimited monthly membership price be honoured at HotShop?

Yes! We value the support that unlimited membership members contribute to any studio community. Because of this, we are willing to 'grandfather' any existing members with the same membership rate they paid previously at YN. This price will be honoured as long as you maintain your membership.

To transition your membership, please click this link and fill out the short form and our team will take care of the rest!


Will prices be increasing?

Unfortunately, yes. HotShop’s pricing in consistent at all of our studios, and our memberships and Class Packs (passes) can be redeemed at any HotShop studio.

HOWEVER - we are going to give YN customers one last chance to take advantage of lower pricing to either lock in a new membership, or stock up on classes! To do so, go to and when checking out, use promo code NOVA20 to save 20% off 10 or 20 class packs, or lock in our bi-weekly membership with a 20% discount! This discount won't last long so act fast!

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