The Lighthouse
A Course for Clarity and Purpose

On the shores of your existence is a light. When you come into contact with this light you see your true path forward, no matter the darkness. Of course, this existence we speak of is within you and so is this light. 


In this course you will discover your path, your unique position and way forward. In order to find this path you must be willing to clear away what isn’t it, you must be willing to look for the light in the darkness. 


This course is for you if 


  • You know that we are all on our own and very specific life journey and you want to become clearer on what yours is

  • You have ideas but you procrastinate and avoid taking action on them

  • You are not clear on what you really want to do with your life

  • You are clear on what you want to do but don’t know how to start or get there

  • You feel like you are facing the same issues over and over

  • You lack energy and excitement for life


Join us and shine a light on your life, your path and your future.

Date: January 14th and 15th. We begin at 10am on the 14th and we will be done at 5pm. Sunday the 15th is from 10am -1pm.

Cost: $300

Sign Up Here: The Lighthouse Eventbrite 

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